Vehicle History Report FAQ

Vehicle History Report

When do I need a VinGurus Vehicle History Report?

A VinGurus Vehicle History Report is a comprehensive report with information that gives you the peace of mind to make a stressful process safer and easier. The report... Read more

What does the VinGurus Vehicle History report mean? provides users with informative Vehicle History Reports. We have obtained billions of different records concerning used vehicles from... Read more

What kind of data does the VinGurus Vehicle History Report provide?

The VinGurus Vehicle History Report contains all information we have collected from thousands of different sources about used... Read more

What should I do to get my Vehicle History Report for a used vehicle from the U.S.?

You just enter the VIN of a used U.S. vehicle you want to buy in the special field in the homepage of We will tell you what we know about the car. Then... Read more

Once I order the VinGurus Vehicle History Report, how long do I have access to it in my account?

A purchased VinGurus Vehicle History Report is accessible within 90 days, during which you can open and revise your report. In fact, we advise you to do that since we may update the report and add additional information about your vehicle.

How long can I use the VinGurus report packages?

Prepaid packages have no expiration date and are valid for a lifetime. Each report from the package will be accessible in your account up to 90 days after it was first opened.

Can I resell the report I bought from

No. Our Vehicle History Reports are for personal use only. Our customers cannot resell or redistribute them, and commercial use is strictly prohibited.

How can VinGurus get all the data to create a Vehicle History Report?

VinGurus collects information from many different sources in  all 50 states. We get data from road administrations, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, inspection sites, car dealers and many others.

Is a VinGurus Vehicle History Report admissible in a court of law?

Probably not, since cannot guarantee the accuracy of data in the report, it may not have any value in a court of law. Our reports are for you to make an informed... Read more

I want to order a VinGurus Vehicle History Report on a vehicle made before 1981; can I do it?

You can access our extensive information database using a 17-character vehicle identification number. Because cars made before 1981 did not follow the VIN format and don't have a VIN, we cannot find information about them.

Why is the vehicle I'm checking not listed on your site?

Check that you have entered the correct vehicle identification number. If the VIN is correct and no records are found, either this vehicle has... Read more