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A VinGurus Vehicle History Report is a comprehensive report with information that gives you the peace of mind to make a stressful process safer and easier. The report contains data about whether or not you should buy a vehicle, which means you will never be a victim of a fraud by purchasing a lemon. It shows if the car was scrapped, stolen or involved in an accident and then resold without disclosure. This report, combined with a test drive and a car inspection, will help you make the right decision. provides users with informative Vehicle History Reports. We have obtained billions of different records concerning used vehicles from the U.S. and combined everything into one comprehensive report. We collect information from thousands of trusted sources, including all motor vehicle departments in America. 

A report contains detailed information about the used vehicle you're going to buy, such as car description, the number of times the car has been repaired or serviced, the previous owners, if it's ever been involved in severe accidents, stolen or written off, recall information, money owed on the car and odometer information.

The VinGurus Vehicle History Report contains all information we have collected from thousands of different sources about used vehicles. Therefore, information about each vehicle may vary. A general report consists of:

 - If a vehicle has been scrapped or stolen

 - Basic registration information

 - Vehicle age

 - All technical details

 - The number of owners and the type of users (rental, taxi, lease, etc.)

You just enter the VIN of a used U.S. vehicle you want to buy in the special field in the homepage of We will tell you what we know about the car. Then you can choose to get a single report or buy a package of five reports for a bundle price. We accept credit cards and PayPal, and you will quickly get your report.

A purchased VinGurus Vehicle History Report is accessible within 90 days, during which you can open and revise your report. In fact, we advise you to do that since we may update the report and add additional information about your vehicle.

Prepaid packages have no expiration date and are valid for a lifetime. Each report from the package will be accessible in your account up to 90 days after it was first opened.

No. Our Vehicle History Reports are for personal use only. Our customers cannot resell or redistribute them, and commercial use is strictly prohibited.

VinGurus collects information from many different sources in  all 50 states. We get data from road administrations, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, inspection sites, car dealers and many others.

Probably not, since cannot guarantee the accuracy of data in the report, it may not have any value in a court of law. Our reports are for you to make an informed decision when buying a used car and to make you feel confident about the purchase.

You can access our extensive information database using a 17-character vehicle identification number. Because cars made before 1981 did not follow the VIN format and don't have a VIN, we cannot find information about them.

Check that you have entered the correct vehicle identification number. If the VIN is correct and no records are found, either this vehicle has been exported as a new car or it has never been in the U.S. or Canada.

Also, check the manufacture year of your car. Those made before 1981 did not follow the VIN format, so VinGurus cannot find it.


The vehicle identification number is the unique identifying code for a specific vehicle. Every car built after 1981 has its own VIN that consists of 17 letters and numbers. A VIN for a car is like a fingerprint for a human; no two are alike. It displays the car's specifications, features and manufacturer.

The unique vehicle identification number can be found in a number of places, including on the build plaque in the engine bay, registration label, door jamb and passenger side windshield. It can also be placed on the hood, engine and other parts. In addition, you can find the VIN on insurance policies, car registration, police reports and service records for the vehicle.


Check that you have allowed cookies and entered your password correctly. Note that your password is case sensitive. If you still have a problem, don't hesitate to contact our customer support.

No worries — just click on the "Forgot password" link to request a new one. Then enter your email address, and you will get an email with a new password.

VinGurus is committed to keeping your personal information, username, password and other data safe. We guarantee that your payment information is also protected. We encrypt your data using Secure Sockets Layer, perform regular security checks and implement our own security guidelines.

You automatically get an account right after placing your first order. We use your email to send you the login and password as well as the requested Vehicle History Report in PDF. Then you can log in and perform more VIN checks or review older reports at any time. Or you can just start account with us right now!

Yes, just log in and find your personal data area under "My Account." There you can change your personal information or create a new password.

Log in and then you will see the "My Account" link on the upper right-hand side of the page.


VinGurus accepts credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express) or payment via your PayPal account.

Simply send an email to or use our contact form. We will take care of your problem within two business days.

Yes, and you need to contact us using our contact form. We require 5-7 business days for the refund to be processedand posted to your bank account or credit card.

You can get your first VinGurus Vehicle History Report for $8.99. If you buy 2 reports for $17.98, you’ll get 1 free, or buy 4 reports for $35.96 and get 2 free!


NMVTIS is an abbreviation for National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, which serves to protect customers from unsafe vehicles and fraud. It also keeps stolen vehicles from being resold. The NMVTIS is a database of the U.S. Department of Justice controlled by the AAMVA, or American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration. That is the only U.S. system federal law requires all auto recyclers, junk yards, insurance carriers and salvage yards to report to regularly.

For whatever reason, we cannot find any matching record in the NMVTIS database. Double-check the VIN you entered for possible errors. If everything is correct, there are some states and some vehicles that are titled not reporting to NMVTIS (click here to see all participating states). If a state, insurer or salvage yard chose not to report a vehicle to the federal database, VinGurus cannot make a report.

However, if the VIN of your vehicle is not in the NMVTIS, it still may have damages, title brands or other problems. NMVTIS collects data from different sources, but the absence of a report cannot guarantee that the vehicle is in good condition.

Always check all available sources before buying a used vehicle. Even a "clean" report cannot completely guarantee that the vehicle has no problems. When you get a report, take the vehicle to an independent mechanic who will check it for evidence of damage or accidents.

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