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What does a VinGurus Vehicle History Report mean?
VinGurus includes a lot of different data about the vehicle in a report, such as:

Title Problem Check

Salvage title means that the U.S. car is no longer roadworthy due to severe damage from flood, fire or accident or if the car has been stolen. With a VinGurus Vehicle History Report, you can stay away from such cars and avoid extra expenses in the future.

Odometer Check

Odometer manipulation is officially one of the most common automotive fraud forms in the secondhand car market. A VinGurus vehicle mileage check will make you sure that no odometer rollbacks have been performed.

Car Ownership Check

Car ownership shows how the car you want to buy was used in the past. A VinGurus Vehicle History Report includes all records on car ownership, such as whether the car was used as a taxi or rental car.

Vehicle Accident Check

Vehicle accident checks will help avoid costly problems with buying a car that has been in an accident. A VinGurus accident check informs clients of any serious problems with the car, such as total loss.
Active Theft Check
Even when you think the car is clean, many of them illegally make their way from the U.S. to Europe. We highly advise not to buy a stolen car to avoid possible legal problems in the future.

Airbag Deployment Check

Airbag deployment is usually a result of a serious road accident. The VinGurus Vehicle History Report will notify you if the vehicle has ever been in such a situation.

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Salvage title check

Title branded Salvage notes that the U.S. vehicle was damaged in an accident or deemed a total loss or simply stolen. VinGurus Vehicle History Report will help you identify such vehicles and save your money.

Vehicle mileage check

Possible odometer rollbacks are always spotted by VinGurus vehicle mileage check

Car ownership

The way vehicles were used in the past is reflected in the Car ownership section. If the vehicle was used as a taxi or a rental car, VinGurus Vehicle History Report will show all the necessary records.

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By using VinGurus service you can determine whether the used car had major repairs or has been in accidents that will not make it worth your money.
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