Why do I keep getting "No Data Available"?

For whatever reason, we cannot find any matching record in the NMVTIS database. Double-check the VIN you entered for possible errors. If everything is correct, there are some states and some vehicles that are titled not reporting to NMVTIS (click here to see all participating states). If a state, insurer or salvage yard chose not to report a vehicle to the federal database, VinGurus cannot make a report.

However, if the VIN of your vehicle is not in the NMVTIS, it still may have damages, title brands or other problems. NMVTIS collects data from different sources, but the absence of a report cannot guarantee that the vehicle is in good condition.

Always check all available sources before buying a used vehicle. Even a "clean" report cannot completely guarantee that the vehicle has no problems. When you get a report, take the vehicle to an independent mechanic who will check it for evidence of damage or accidents.